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Super Visa Canada

Invite Parents/Grandparents to Canada

A Super Visa is a type of visitor visa which allows parents or grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents to visit Canada for up to two years at a time. They are typically 10-year multi-entry visas. To qualify for such a visa the Canadian child or grandchild must show that they have sufficient income to support the visit, and the visiting parents or grandparents must pass a medical exam and purchase private medical insurance.

Requirements for a Super Visa

For sponsors:

  • Provide an invitation letter.
  • Demonstrate you can financially support parents/grandparents in Canada. For this, you must show a minimum income.
  • Buy Canadian medical insurance coverage for at least one year for the parents/grandparents.

For Parents / Grandparents:

  • Complete an Immigration Medical Exam.
  • Demonstrate that the recipient of the Super Visa will leave by choice at the end of the approved visit.
  • Show strong ties to the home country.

Apart from that, the immigration authorities will apply the same evaluation of the visa application as with visitor visas, such as making a determination of whether the parent or grandparent is likely to return to their home country at the end of their visit. In this regard, the immigration authorities will look at factors such as whether the applicant has property and other family in the home country, is employed there or has some other reason why they would return home.

The economic and political stability of the home country will also be a factor to be considered, since parents or grandparents from an unstable country may not wish to return there once they are admitted to Canada. Provided that the immigration authorities are satisfied that the applicant meets all criteria and are likely to comply with the rules related to their stay, they will issue the Super Visa. Refusals may be appealed to the Federal Court.